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About Us

Our Responsibility

Our story began with small steps and humble beginnings, more than a decade ago. E-zone was set up in 2008 with an objective to bring forth the knowledge of our pro-team and clean and ethical web designing and development practices. Our experience grew with time and today we can proudly declare that we have custom made approximately 350 to 400 websites. We are the eyewitness and the composer of designing trends throughout past ten years. We consistently had one goal – to keep the process of development and maintenance straightforward, professional and affordable. The transition from conventional methods to the demands at present in the digital world has benefitted us with new adaptation techniques. Our projects are polished and secure to withstand the challenges at an international level.

Our Approach

We have kept it really Simple when it comes to developing projects for our clients. That has helped in making things more accessible, aesthetic and less complex.

We have worked on core languages like PHP as well as its complex libraries, developed fine grade interactive websites and met challenging web project deadlines. Our projects stand out, solidifying the reputation of our client’s business. With such success in establishing other brands, we had to do little work in establishing ours. We are the most trusted brand in Web Services.  A significant portion of our clientele, constituting 42%, is revisited and upscale. Our mantra of quality keeps things in a progressive mood and we wish to increase the ‘once more’ kind of demands in the future.

Our Mission

We thrive to inspire others with our digital creativity. With consistent success in the competition, we are confident of our position in the marketplace. The next big step is to bring precise results through out-of-the-box ideas. The defining elements of our brand’s character are effectively planned strategy, independent thinking, and client engagement in projects to make them more enjoyable inside out. We understand that the life and breath of today’s business world is prestige. Our strategic planning helps projects gain stature, independent thinking carves out the way for eminence and client engagement brings authenticity.


It's All About Turning Great Ideas Into Your Project

E-Zone is a subsidiary of Pushtii Web and IT Solutions. It is a web arm of our main company – Pushtii. We have been designing websites for over 10 years and have worked on over 400 projects. Our core strength has been Design and developing those designs into real pieces of Art.


Together We Visualise, Create and Make It

We put ourselves in your shoes and envision what you Vision for your company and the growth you see for your business. This enables you to concentrate on what you do best — Your Business, and we make your Vision more substantial and make sure your brand carries your vision.

Who We Are And What Can We do?

Creative Design

We do much more than tackling layouts, figures and colours - we create experiences. We give a meritorious expression to your imagination. Your bespoke website is sure to leave a lasting impression on the visitors, tempt them for more and finally knit the sought-after relationship.

Web Development

Businesses have varied requirements in this fast-changing world. In order to address that diversity, we scrap one fit for all and generate exciting methods to meet the requirement. We utilise the ideal web platform, trim a few elements and innovate the most fitting website or app for your business.


Brand name promotion is the nerve centre of the market relationship. The name gains the reputation with better customer reviews and improved perception in the target market. This process involves a series of awareness, image building, defining traits, and preference through different strategies.

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